Elden Ring: How To Complete Boc's Questline (2023)

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  • Find The Talking Bush
  • Clear The Coastal Cave
  • Speak To Boc At Sites Of Grace
  • Find The Golden Needle
  • Boc The Seamster's Endings

A lot of players may never come across the Elden Ring NPC Boc because he is hidden in plain sight. This is a character that follows you throughout the game and offers you a new, but minor feature when accessing a Site of Grace. With his help, you can alter the physical appearance of your armor.

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Boc is an English-speaking demi-human that wishes only to follow in his mother's footsteps and effortlessly seam armor. This guide will explain how to find Boc and how to progress through his side quest.

Spoilers ahead!Updated June 7, 2022: We've updated this article to include a video walkthrough about how to complete Boc's quest in Elden Ring.



Find The Talking Bush

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(Video) Elden Ring: How To Complete Boc's Questline
Elden Ring: How To Complete Boc's Questline (3)
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  1. Hit the bush
  2. Exhaust Boc's dialogue

Boc is found in the starting area of Elden Ring, Limgrave. To find him, you need to travel to Agheel Lake North Site of Grace. In the main photo above, you'll want to head to the area with trees and bushes in the red circle. Walk around the foliage until you start hearing someone speaking. This is coming from a seemingly talking bush. If you're playing online, you should notice a bunch of messages around the bush mentioning a friend as your clue.

What you have to do here is either attack or roll into the bush. It will poof into a puff of smoke and Boc will appear. He will thank you for breaking the curse and offer you ten mushrooms. Not the best gift ever, but he promises to reward you with more once he goes back to the cave he was shunned from. Now you'll want to rest at a Site of Grace so that he disappears and head to the cave.

Clear The Coastal Cave

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(Video) BOC the Seamster Full Questline Walkthrough: All Locations & Both Endings | Elden Ring
Elden Ring: How To Complete Boc's Questline (9)
  1. Exhaust Boc's dialogue
  2. Beat demi-human bosses
  3. Exhaust Boc's dialogue

The cave in question is called Coastal Cave. The best way to access it is by starting at the very first Site of Grace, The First Step. Follow the series of photos above to get a better understanding of how to reach the shoreline.

Basically, you want to head West until you meet the cliff edge and look for slated ruins at the bottom of the cliff. Once you find it, continue walking to the right along the cliffside until you find the cliff descending lower. Trying to jump down as you first see it will lead to broken ankles and death.

Drop onto the ruins, and you've safely made it to the beaches of Limgrave. From here, run along the cliff wall until you find a cave - it is to the north of a small underpass where you'll find a merchant.

This is Coastal Cave. Inside you'll find a hurt Boc who warns you to leave at once, 'less you get hurt just the same. The cave contains demi-human enemies, leading to a boss fight against two large demi-humans and their minions. If you're just starting your playthrough, a friend or summon may help take some aggro off. If you're coming back to finish off extra quests, this fight will be a breeze.

Killing the bosses will reward you with a tailoring needle. Give this to Boc and he will be grateful. This allows him to start altering your garments at a Site of Grace for around 500 runes each.

Don't worry if you have completed this cave before finding Boc, he will still move to the cave and get wounded. Just give him the needle that you should already have.

(Video) Elden Ring BOC the SEAMSTER Questline Walkthrough

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Speak To Boc At Sites Of Grace

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Depending on how far you've made it through the map before finding Boc, he can be found at a couple of different Sites of Grace after completing the Coastal Cave.

  • Lake-facing Cliffs
  • East Raya Lucaria Gate
  • Atlus Highway Junction
  • East Capital Rampart

Travel to whichever is the furthest site you've found, and he should be there after resting. Speaking to him allows you to enter the Alter Garments menu. This function mostly removes capes from armor more than anything else. You can also access this menu via resting at a grace. Boc does not need to be present for you to be able to alter garments.

These locations are only important to remember for when you continue his quest.

Find The Golden Needle

Elden Ring: How To Complete Boc's Questline (11)
  1. Acquire golden needle
  2. Speak to Boc
  3. Purchase legendary armor
  4. Exhaust Boc's dialogue

To continue Boc's questline, you need to find a golden tailoring needle and to have completed the Raya Lucaria Academy dungeon. The golden needle can be found in a chest in a church in Liurnia Of The Lakes. This church, Church Of Vows, is on the right side of the Liurnia lake, atop a hill. Nearby Sites of Grace are Eastern Liurnia Lake Shore to the south of the church, Eastern Tablehand to the East, and Ruined Labyrinth to the North. Inside the Church Of Vows is a large priest turtle who can sell you sorcery and incantations. Take care to not enter the church at night, as a boss will spawn. There will be a treasure chest inside the church with the golden needle inside.

After this, you'll get a new dialogue option with Boc. Give him the golden needle, and he'll remark that the needle requires legendary armor.

To get legendary boss armor, you need to purchase some from Enia, the finger reader at Roundhold Table. Enia spawns inside a once-locked room at the Roundhold after you defeat Godrick.

Each time you defeat a God and received their Remembrance, their armor and other goods go to Enia's store. Now, not every boss armor will be acceptable for altering by Boc. To play it safe, purchase any armor that has a cape, like Radahn's chest piece. Then, return to Boc, and you'll have new dialogue options.

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Boc The Seamster's Endings

Elden Ring: How To Complete Boc's Questline (12)

This is the point in Boc's questline where you want to be careful as to not make a mistake. Boc claims that he is ugly and wishes to conform to human beauty. He hears that Queen Rennala specializes in rebirthing people and wants to go to her.

(Video) ELDEN RING - Boc the Seamster Side Quest (NPC Questline)

You can give Boc a precious Larval Tear, with which he will go to Rennala and be reborn as a human, you can call him beautiful in which he will stay put, or you can do nothing.

Give Boc The Larval Tear

Larval Tears are precious material used to respec your character with Queen Rennala. If you remember from her quest, the rebirthing process is perfected by combining the Larval Tear with Rennala's Great Rune. Boc does not obtain her Great Rune. If you send Boc off to Rennala, you can travel to the Raya Lucaria Grand Library to find him there in human form.

Seemingly, the rebirthing process has worked. If you reload into the area, Boc will be dead. Rennala states that the rebirthing process is not perfect due to the lack of her Great Rune, therefore Boc was bound to die.

Tell Boc He Is Beautiful

This is a secret. If you have the Prattling Pate "You're Beautiful" item, you can tell Boc he is beautiful and does not need to change his form to fit in or be happy. When you use this item in front of him, he will mention that the voice is that of his mothers.

He will not leave, but rather stay at his location for the rest of the game. If you inspect this Prattling Pate item, it will read that it is indeed shaped as a demi-human. A mistake can be made here. If you do not have this item and try to leave to go acquire it after Boc has already asked about Rennala, he will disappear forever.

Before you exhaust Boc's dialogue, get the Prattling Pate. Otherwise, this happy ending will be locked.

The Prattling Pate "You're Beautiful" item can be found in a demi-human village called Hermit Village in Mt Gelmir. The closest Site of Grace is Craftman's Shack.

Do Nothing

As mentioned in the previous option, if you do not give Boc a Larval Tear and do not use the Prattling Pate on him, he will disappear. He won't be at any previous Sites of Grace, the cave, or the academy. It is unknown if this is a bug or if there is more to his quest that players have yet to uncover. It leaves a lot to question, wondering if his quest has more to it or not.

This is currently unknown. Even though he disappears, you still have access to the Alter Garments menu section when resting at a Site of Grace.Next:Elden Ring: Complete Guide And Walkthrough


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