Waterborne Pre-Catalyzed Lacquer (2023)

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Stir thoroughly before using, do not shake. Seal with Mohawk Waterborne Pre-Catalyzed Sealer (M/MA640-21007) or Waterborne Wood Tone Sealer (M641-2400) if used over stain colors to add warmth and allow 30-45 minutes to dry before sanding with 320 grit sandpaper.

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Waterborne Pre-Catalyzed Lacquer may also be used as its own sealer.


Apply Waterborne Pre-Catalyzed Lacquer in light, even coats of 3-4 wet mils. Always scuff sand previous coat with 320 grit sandpaper and remove any sanding dust from the surface before applying any additional coats.

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Total finishing system, including sealer and topcoats, should not exceed 4 dry mils. Waterborne sealers and finishes are high solids, quick building products. Excessive finish build can lead to a cloudy finish especially in lower sheens, cracking, cold checking and other finish failures.

Waterborne PreCatalyzed Sealer and/or topcoat may be tinted with Waterborne Colorants not to exceed 10% addition by volume.

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Protect from freezing. If product has frozen and appears unusable, place product at room temperature (minimum 70 degrees F) for 48 hours then add 1% water by volume to reduce viscosity. Waterborne Pre-Catalyzed Lacquer is manufactured at spray
viscosity. Small amounts of clean water may be used if further reduction is necessary. Begin with 1 ounce per gallon and add additional water if necessary. Do not exceed 5%.

Strain product before use for best results. Always use a Mohawk Waterborne Sealer under lower sheens (40 or below) in order to reduce the risk of cloudy looking film that is sometimes caused by excessive build of lower sheen coatings.

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For results that resemble a solvent coating looking system, use Mohawk Waterborne Wood Tone Sealer (M641-2400), especially if applied over a dark stain color.

Always do a sample panel to test results of mixture prior to applying on the actual work.
Remove sanding dust after sanding.

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Stainless steel spray equipment is recommended to avoid iron contamination (discoloration).

Flush equipment and fluid lines after use with warm tap water.

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Do not use a tack cloth to remove sanding dust. Sanding dust should be removed with a dry cloth or compressed air.


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